Organic Mysore Yoga rug • Herbal & ayurvedic dyed • True Indigo

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Leela: Herbal rug is a yoga mat with enhanced attributes that make your connection with your cotton mat deeper. 

Soft to all your senses

Soft to touch – 100 % organic cotton make your feet and palms feel very comfortable.

Herbal dyes make the tones of the colors soft to your eyes. Colors are having natural shades which makes you feel calm during the practice.

By practicing on the rug, you will have always smell of freshness not plastic.

Remember – You can wash your rug anytime when it gets sweaty to have it fresh like new.

With Leela: Yoga Rugs every practice is a pleasurable experience!

This rug is dyed with True Indigo, Manjistha & Neem.


Incredible space

Dimensions of the rug will offer you a lot of space to practice on.

Width 75cm and length 185 cm is offering you 10 cm wider and 10 cm longer space compare to regular yoga mat.

Leela: Yoga Rug is about 3 mm thick which will create some extra cushioning when you place it on your mat.


Strengthen your grip and built your inner muscles

Yoga rug is not a prop, it will not give you a grip for free! Grip comes with sweat! The more you work, the better grip you got.

Sthiram Sukham Asanam – Steady and comfortable should be the posture. Chapter #2, Sutra #46

Yes, it will be steady and comfortable by you getting stronger. Not by extra grippy mat.

Yoga cotton rug is the one, which is gonna help you to gain the strength you need - for sure!


Jump like a pro

Leela: Rug is perfect rug for yoga practitioners searching for more fluid jumping through experience.

Rug will help you to build your jump throughs and it will be a pleasurable experience. You can slide your feet nicely on cotton surface.


Designed for strong practice

Each and every rug is hand weaved. It takes 4 to 5 hours to hand weave one rug.

Craftsmen use the weaving method which is very durable, designed for hours of strong daily practice.


Ultimate softness

Take your practice to the next level.

This cotton rug will allow you to experience softness of the natural materials while you are practicing.

Smooth surface will allow you to move on the rug with lightness and fluid precision.


Embodiment of pleasure & functionality

Neem, Tulsi, Indigo, Vemgadam, Manjista & Pomegranate are the plants we use for dyeing the looms.

By practicing on herbal dyed yoga mats you can benefit from medicinal properties of the plants as your skin is always in contact with your practicing surface.

Read more about benefits of ayurvedic herbs here.


Take Leela: Outdoor

Cotton rug will help you to connect more with nature. Since cotton is a natural material when you sit on it outside the body will easily reconnect better with the Earths surface electrons.

You are in the garden sitting or practicing on your rug, listening to the birds. You will get all the energy you need from the Earth.

Earthing (grounding) is what we area looking for in the yoga practice. Yoga is connection - first connection we need to build up is the connection with the earth.


Saucha – Cleanliness

Build intimate relationship with your rug. As in yoga we are not working purely physical but also on our inner nature it is very important to practice in nice environment and have clean surface all the time.

With cotton rug it is very easy, you can wash it whenever you need!

Outside environment will support your inner growth.


Moving here and there

Travel anywhere with this lightweight yoga rug.

Leela: Rug has only 1.3 kg, you can fold it in small dimensions whenever you need to take it out.


Inspired by traditional practitioners  

Yogis practiced back in the days in shalas with a mud floor covered with dry dharba grass & cotton cloth spread on the top.

Conditions have changed and the surface is not made up of mud anymore so we had to adjust a little and create a bit thicker surface than the cloth.

Leela: Yoga Rug is about 3 mm thick which will create some extra cushioning when you place it on your mat.