The Story of LEELA:

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''Leela is a divine play - describes the reality and cosmos as a play of the supreme, who is fooling around with us. Same concept should apply in our practice, don't take yourself too seriously, let things go and just play.''


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Leela is built on the concept of unity in diversity.  

Each Leela rug is different in colors but unique in design and properties. On the first sight you can recognize that they are from same family.

It may look like unsustainable in a long run, but opposite is true. Everybody resonates with different colors, and each rug finds it's buddy for practice.

In Hinduism, the concept of Leela is explained as divine play – describes the reality and cosmos as play of Brahman, who is foolling around with us and the whole world is just like a stage in theater and we should not take ourselves too seriously – because it's just a play.

We should remember also during our practice of asanas  don’t take ourselves too serious, listen to our body and let things flow.

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