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Maintenance and washing instructions for your Leela Yoga Rug

You will spend a lot of hours on you yoga rug, it's a new buddy for your practice, you should give it  care it needs. 

Rug can be compared to the bed sheets or table cloth. You don't wash your bed, you wash the bed sheets. So the same applies with a rug. You will be washing only your rug not a mat, which you put underneath. 

If you live in colder climate and you don´t sweat too much it might be enough to wash your rug once per week or two. According to your needs. 

But if you live in humid, warm country and your rug gets really sweaty each time you use it you should wash it every second day or everyday to prevent odor. 

Should you wash the rug before first use?

We suggest to wash the rug before first use. Same like you would wash your clothes when you bring them home from shop.

There are 2 main reasons why:

1.You will remove excessive dust from production or transportation. When you start practicing and sweating it will end up on your skin.

2. The rug may loose some color after fist few washes

First wash:

Soak your new Leela rug in a bucket in a lukewarm or cold water, you can add handful of salt to preserve the colors better.

Your new rug may loose some color during first few washings, that’s why, wash it always separately.  

Further maintenance

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Hand wash:

If you wish to wash your yoga rug by hand, use cold water, some natural soap or detergent. If the rug is only sweaty it should be enough. It is has some dirt on (especially light colors) you may need brush as well.  

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Machine wash:

If you are washing your rug in the machine be sure that you use program under 30 degrees or programs with cold water. Higher degrees may reduce the size of the rug, since it is made from 100 % cotton.

Use natural detergent and you can also add few drops of natural essential oil, so your rug will have a nice smell during your practice.


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When the rug is wet try to pull each corner of the rug to avoid shrinkage.

Dry your Mysore rug in the open area, warm place to avoid long drying. You can use some place on the sun but the colors may fade much more rapidly.

We advice not to use dryer because hot air may cause shrinkage of the rug. 

If you have any additional questions regarding maintenance or washing the rug, do not hesitate to contact us.