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Organic Herbal Mysore Cotton Yoga Rugs

ZERØ Waste Mysore Cotton Yoga Rugs

Organic Herbal Dyed Yoga Towels


Thank you trusting in Leela:

LEELA: is a Clean Yoga brand made sustainably in Karnataka, India with non-toxic, natural and Organic materials.

Our vision is to provide as clean products as possible which are made by real people not by machines. 

Products are made by hands of Indian craftsmen with many years of experience.

We are closely collaborating with craftsmen & weavers from small Indian villages.  

For the dyeing process we extract the herbs to dye the looms for our rugs and towels.

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Let´s make Yoga free from plastic and toxic dyes

Thank you for helping us keeping the world we live in full of nice & clean materials. 

Cotton surface for practice will allow you to connect better with yourself and the earth. 

Our products are made by human hands.

The dyes we use are non-toxic which make the color shades very natural.

We use only natural & herbal ayurvedic dyes which enrich LEELA: product with medicinal qualities of the plants.

The dyes are extracted directly from plants and peals of fruits.

Gift card

Looking for a special gift for special person? With a gift card from LEELA: you can be sure that special person will get products done with love & care.

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