Materials & Dyes

Our main material for Leela rugs & towels is GOTS certified Organic Cotton


We decided to go back to the roots, to the times where there were no synthetic materials and dyes.

We proudly use GOTS   certified cotton  for production of our yoga rugs & towels. 

Why organic cotton is different from non-organic one? 

There are no pesticides used for treating the cotton while growing.

No bleaching of the cotton, it has its natural creme color. 

Organic cotton fibers are longer and stronger than the conventional cotton witch is a big advantage for us because it gives our rugs and towels resistance and durability during strong asana practice.

The GOTS standard also guarantees that the people that made this are paid living wages and treated like humans.

Your skin is often in close contact witch your yoga mat while you are practicing and therefore it is really important that your yoga mat it is not made out of plastic. 

Badha konasana on cotton yoga mat. Traditional yoga rug by Leela.yogarugs

The dyes we use in our Organic collection are extracted from herbs

The dyes we use in our organic collection are extracted directly from the plants. Therefore they come along with all the ayurvedic benefits.

Our goal is to maintain all the medicinal properties of the herbs in our products therefore we don't use powders to dye our goodies. We use extracts directly from the plants collected in different parts of India, depending where do they grow. 

There would be no point of using organic cotton if we would continue using synthetic dyes. We would continue pouring toxins into the soil by every wash, not only while manufacturing. 

Read more about each and every benefit of the plants, herbs & flowers we use here ! 

Inhaling and absorbing the benefits of the different herbs through your skin is good for your health !