Welcome to LEELA: Divine Play


You are integral to our effort in creating a body & earth positive  community around yoga accessories. You represent our vision to design clean yoga accessories for real people ethically & sustainably. 

We know that our customers love practicing on Leela mats as much as we do crafting it. 

For us the relationship with yoga mat means a real intimate experience as we often spend hours in the morning having a practice on the mat. 

If you fell like sharing how majestic you look on @leelayogarugs, please use the #leelayogarugs, #practiceclean to be featured on our Instagram community. 

Young girl is practicing yoga pose on maroon cotton yoga rug.


Welcome to the divine play ! 

If you believe that everybody can make THE FUTURE OF YOGA CLEANER, plastic & synthetic free...


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Yogi girl is practicing prasarita padotanasana on  Leela cotton yoga rug.